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i made this because i spent 4/20 starting a comic commission of a comic about the philosopher martin heidegger, the designer herbert bayer, and the artist and my old teacher, kinji akagawa— and i felt like i could have not have spent the day in more sober of a way.


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a late 4/20 laff; the joker threatens many boners in “the joker’s comedy of errors” from batman #66, 1951. writing: bill finger, pencils: lew schwartz; inks: charles paris. found in the greatest joker stories ever told, thank you chicago public library, and thank you DC editors rushing product out the door in ‘08 to make that sweet dark knight scratch.

turns out ‘boner’ is 50’s slang for ‘blunder,’ but that doesn’t make me not 12 years old.

Dear Chicago: I’m performing comics at Quimby’s this Saturday 2/26 at 7PM at the release party for the zine Mildred Pierce #4, along with other contributors, including Quimby’s’s own Edie Fake. I was on mesc the last time I got on a stage – the stage of Minneapolis’s Children’s Theater. Quimby’s, on the other hand, sells vintage porn and Jack Chick tracts. That and the free wine will nab you the cutest Tea Partier in attendance.

Now, comics. Click twice to enlarge.

EDIT: If you read this before, please read it again; I’d posted a version with a missing panel.

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Reformatted from running strip-style as a sidebar in print, Sergio Aragonés-style, hence the title.

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it’s called ‘new cartoons,’ but you can also expect old cartoons, new not-cartoons and things that are not new or cartoons. i felt ‘ed choy moorman: All Lies’ lacked zing.

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